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April 5, 2009:  SAE Publishes New Aerospace AS5553 Standard
SAE International announced publication of the new standard, AS5553, "Counterfeit Electronic Parts; Avoidance, Detection, Mitigation, and Disposition".  This standard is intended for manufacturers and contractors producing products containing electronic components for aerospace, military or other high reliability applications, providing standardized procedures to reduce the risk of procuring or utilizing counterfeit parts.

Visit Electronic Supply Chain Solutions' information resource web site at www.AS5553.com for more information on what is contained in the standard and resources for companies interested in investigating what's involved in adopting it.

March 19, 2009:  ESCS Presents Details of their Safe Source Seal Program at NASA's March, '09 Quality Leadership Forum
ESCS's President, Matthew Heaphy III, presented the details of the company's Safe Source Seal aerospace sourcing assurance program at NASA's Quality Leadership Forum today, held at the Kennedy Space Center on Cape Canaveral.

Mr. Heaphy said, "Safe Source Seal has been embraced by quality leaders in the aerospace industry as the first audited means of validating the source of electronic components sold in the open market.  Recognition of Safe Source Seal at the industry's premiere quality forum is a further indication of the critical need for this innovative solution."

A full summary of the event has been posted on ESCS' Information Source, and you can download a copy of the presentation here.

March 5, 2009:  ESCS Announces Availability of the ESCS A2Z Inspection & Testing Protocol
Electronic Supply Chain Solutions, Inc. is now making its "A2Z Inspection & Testing Protocol" available to other companies and governmental organizations.

ESCS combined their years of experience in electronic component inspection and testing with the best of the best from other industry standards and checklists to develop this comprehensive process.

"We apply this process to every electronic component received at ESCS," said Jan Salatino, ESCS' Quality Manager.  "We're making this available to others because we realized every other checklist and standard we looked at didn't quite meet our own very stringent requirements. Our first-hand knowledge of how critical it is to be sure you have the most effective inspection and testing process possible led us to the decision to share that with the industry."

For more information on the ESCS A2Z Inspection & Testing Protocol, view this summary.

December 23, 2008:  AIA Counterfeit Parts Verification Sub-team Considers Inspection Certification
The Aerospace Industry Association's Counterfeit Parts Integrated Process Team formed a sub-committee on Verification, and will be considering alternatives for certification of inspection standards.  The new SAE standard AS5553 (see Nov. 1, '08 News) provides very specific guidelines for inspection, yet leaves the onus on each manufacturer adopting the standard to ensure their distributors meet these requirements.  Certification would provide a means of validating distributor conformance with the AS5553 standard.  The sub-team will evaluate options for possible recommendations to industry certification bodies.

November 21, 2008:  Bureau of Industry & Security Publishes Preliminary Counterfeit Report Data
There has been very little hard data available on the U.S. electronic component industry experience with counterfeits, until now.  The U.S. Department of Commerce Bureau of Industry and Security has reported preliminary results of a study they have undertaken.  With 498 survey participants, this is clearly the most comprehensive look at the problem to date.
View the prelimary results

The final study is targeted for completion by mid-2009, and will be posted on the D.O.C. website here: Defense Industry Capability and Technology Assessments.

November 1, 2008:  New SAE AS5553 Standard: Counterfeit Electronic Parts; Avoidance, Detection, Mitigation, and Disposition
The SAE is nearing completion of a new standard to help manufacturers minimize the risk of receiving counterfeit electronic components.  We understand this may likely be issued in the first quarter of 2009.
View the SAE summary

Phil Zulueta, Manager, Quality Assurance for NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory chairs the SAE G-19 Committee responsible for development of the AS5553 standard.  He presented the details of the standard at the 2008 NASA 2008 Supply Chain Conference.
View the presentation here

November 1, 2008:  ESCS Launches Safe Source Seal
Electronic Supply Chain Solutions, Inc. has introduced an innovative new "source validation" program that brings component sourcing assurance to the independent market.  Now you can buy electronic components outside your franchise network with an audited declaration of where they were purchased, or what 3rd party testing has been done to confirm authenticity and functionality.
Find out more

October 21, 2008:  UKEA Says Counterfeit Components Cost U.K. Economy £1B
Counterfeit electronic components are entering the U.K. market in huge numbers.  With £1B in the U.K., how large is the U.S. problem?
Read the article

October 7, 2008:  ESCS Completes Ground-breaking Industry Counterfeit Assessment
ESCS conducted interviews with over 90 quality and procurement professionals in the areospace and military manufacturing industry.  Find out what they're doing now to combat counterfeits.
View or download a copy

October 2, 2008:  Investigative Report: "Dangerous Fakes"
Business Week published an investigative report on how counterfeit components are making their way from China into the U.S. supply chain.  This is a "must read" article for everyone in the industry.
Read the article