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Schedule an ESCS Counterfeit Risk Mitigation Workshop
Schedule a meeting Any one of the Counterfeit Risk Mitigation Workshops can be scheduled whenever you and your staff have 30 minutes available.

Schedule a meeting All you need is an internet connection and phone to access the workshop from up to 15 separate locations.  We'll "push" the workshop content through to your PC screen, with a simultaneous telephone conference call for discussion.  Let everyone dial in from their own office, or project your PC screen to a conference room group.

This web-based meeting functionality is provided by ESCS through the GoToMeeting service, an industry leading web collaboration company.  There is no charge to you for your participation.

Scheduling your workshop is as easy as 1-2-3...
1 - Select your workshop.   2 - Enter your information.   3 - Get it scheduled.    (It's that easy.)

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